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Friday, December 30, 2011

My Noob Gaming Rig..^^

Hola guys, long time no see ya! previously im buzy bcoz i am "surveying" all parts of the rig...

WTFish is the Rig? Rig is all parts of computers in a casing or the usual Malaysian said, CPU...

However, CPU refers to Central Processor unit a.k.a processor? Dunno what is processor? i will explain later...

Boxes.. boxes...

Processor (CPU) : Intel Core i5 2400 (2nd Generation)
Graphic Card (GPU) : MSI GTX 560 Ti Hawk
Motherboard : Asus P8H67-M LE B3
Ram : Kingston PC 1333 4GB
Power Supply : FSP Hexa 500W (lost box)
Optical Drive : LiteOn DVDRW with Label Tag [What is Label Tag? i will explain later] (box also lost)
Casing : Cooler Master Elite 430 Black
Display : Philips 22ELSB LED Full HD
Keyboard & Mouse : Logitech G100 Gaming Combo...

Okay.. Lets go through one by one...


Intel Core i5 2400
4 cores
4 threads
3.1 GHZ
Support Up to 32GB Ram
Comes with Intel HD Graphics 2000 @ 850 Mhz

Graphics Card
Msi GTX 560Ti Hawk (a.k.a Twin Frozr III)
950 Mhz Core
1GB Memory GDDR5
256 bits
Can Support Up to 2560 x 1600 resolution
3D Ready
SLi Ready
in Guru it states it was the best choice for overclockers...
and.. this is the box...

Motherboard a.k.a Mobo
Asus P8H67-M LE B3
USB 3.0
2x Sata 6Gbps slot
GPU boost
Anti Surge
New Bios [Below is the view of bios]

Optical Drive
it has Label Tag, which you can write anything on the DVD or VCD..examples are below..

Hmm... how to comment about casing ya?
this casing supports up to 6 additional fans..
and it have big huge blue fan at the front..

Display Monitor
Philips 22ELSB 21.5 inch LED
Full HD
20M contrast
Touch panel button
5ms response rate
After the box open, this is the view..

Keyboard & Mouse
Logitech Gaming Combo G100
2500 dpi mouse
silent and smooth keyboard with highlighted buttons..

inside motherboard view :

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

Graphic card properties

My Current Desktop... might try Rainmeter soon...

Thanks for visiting! Currently i still on learning to overclock my graphic card, but if i succeed, i will post the tutorial ya!

My Current Workstation Gamestation.. hehe

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