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Monday, March 21, 2011

Facebook Shortcut keys.. ^^

Do you know there is hidden shortcut keys on Facebook when you open Facebook in your browser??

Follow these steps :

For Windows + Google Chrome = Alt + (The shortcut key on the list below)

For Windows + Firefox = Alt + Shift + (The shortcut key on the list below)

For Windows + IE = Alt + (The shortcut key on the list below)

For Mac OS + Firefox = Function + Ctrl + (The shortcut key on the list below)

For Mac OS + Safari = Option + Ctrl + (The shortcut key on the list below)

M - Open a new message 

? - Go to the Facebook Search 

1 - Home (News Feed)

2- Your profile page

3 - Friend requests

4 - Messages

5 - Notifications

6 - Your Account Settings

7 - Your Privacy Settings

8 - Go to the Facebook page

9 - View Facebook Statements and Rights agreement

0 - Open Facebook help center

*For Example, i use Google Chrome Browser On my Windows 7 to open my Facebook.
  So, if i want to compose a new mail, i simply press ALT + M and a mail compose window will appear.. ^^

*For Internet Explorer, after pressing Alt + # let go of both keys and press Enter for the shortcut to work. For example, press Alt + 1 (let go) and then press Enter to open the Facebook home page. Also, the M to open a new message in Internet Explorer does not work, because it is the home shortcut.

Okay guys, this info is for this post... hope this helps...
Thank you.. ^^

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Gadgets Review.. ^^ (Part 1)

Ok, This is my first post in This blog.. as the title stated above, i will review my own gadgets that are :
Camera : Samsung PL 101 (Part 2)
PC : HP Mini 110 (Part 2)
Cellphone : Sony Ericsson S312
MP3 Player : Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB Personalized

Ok, Begin With my beloved MP3 Player, iPod Shuffle.

As you guys know, this is the CHEAPEST Apple gadgets in the world... Why i made up my mind buying this? Because im in love with Apple's sound quality... I know that Sony's Walkman have a very good bass, but the bass is not a must for me... the sound's superb clarity is good enough for me...

My iPod Shuffle....personalized with engraving... ^^
It also has 10 hours of battery life, a Voice-Over button that spoke out the song's title and battery status, and i LikE it.. ^^ Well, the engraving is the main reason i love my iPod...^^ i feel a sense of belonging when i see this text...^^
Maybe im a Apple lover rite now.. ^^

My Cellphone : Sony Ericsson S312.. ^^
To tell you guys the truth, this is a free phone...^^  I got it as a free gift when im at Form 4 in my high school in Canteen's Day Coupon Selling Event.. Thank God, i was the winner and i got this beautiful phone...

SE S312...Front View

First impression that crossed in my mind when i look at this phone... WTF? this is a girl's phone... T.T"... but after looked it in many sides, i find that is phone is gorgeous...^^ and i decided to use it around 3 years before i upgrade to new phone...NOTE : both photo is the latest photo after i used it massively since 3years ago.. ^^

SE S312.. Back View...
This Phone has a 2 Megapixel Camera, which is kinda good, but the laggy makes this phone suck. This phone always hang when two messages at same time received, no 3rd party theme + games supported and i can't stand it anymore.. T.T"... Maybe in two months time, i plan to upgrade my phone..^^ To check this phone spec and user's comment and review, please click here

That's all for my first post, stay tuned for Part 2...^^

Drop your comments here.. ^^