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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Windows XP : Facebook "Virus" solutions...

Hi guys,
Recently i posted the solution fo the new facebook virus, but it is for windows 7...
But today i will post the solution for Windows XP...
Okay, Lets Begin!

1 : Open "Start" menu and choose "Run"

2 : In the "Run" window, type : msconfig

3 : So it will open the "System Configuration Utility" Window like this :

4 : Choose the "BOOT.INI" tab and if you are really "infected", it should be like this :

5 : Just untick the "/SAFEBOOT" till you see this :

6 : Click "OK" and Now, Restart your PC and i think it will be fine.. ^^


  1. What do I do if this did not work

  2. Thanks Abang :) benda ni bermanfaat betul la


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